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Is the 'Hacker Ideal' Crumbling Too? (06.19.18)

"Now That Tech Runs the World, Let's Retire the Hacker Ideal," Virginia Heffernan, Wired, Jan. 31.2018

A Virtual World in Ruins (06.15.18)

In 2018 "Second Life resembles a city swiftly evacuated following a radioactive threat."

"Exploring The Digital Ruins Of 'Second Life ," Joe Veix,, Jun. 5, 2018


A Step in the Right Direction? Way Too Little, Way too Late? (06.06.18)

I leave it for you to judge:

"Apple announces slew of controls to help with smartphone addiction," Tamsin McMahon, Globe and Mail, 06. 06.18.


The Herzog Film (06.04.18)

Today in class I mentioned Werner Herzog's 2016 film Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World. As I mentioned, the film is available on Netflix Canada. I noticed this evening that it is also available on YouTube as paid content. However, if you don't mind (or maybe positively enjoy) Spanish subtitles, it turns out that it also available on YouTube for free (though I predict that this version will almost certainly be taken down relatively soon as a copyright violation):

Enjoy (while it lasts)!

Syllabus Updated

I've updated the course syllabus to correct the typo regarding the due date of the term paper assignment and to add the date of the final exam. The updated version is available under Notes & Assignments.

Course Readings Access

I've updated the access list so that students registered in the course (as of today) should now have access to the course readings. If you are not able to access the readings, let me know and I'll set things right ASAP.

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