PHIL 231.3 (61) — Ethical Problems

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Final Grades

Final exams have now been graded and final grades for the course have been submitted. (And more than a bit belatedly, I admit. But, like many of you, I had family obligations over the last few days that took me out of town. My apologies in any case for the delay.) Once final grades are approved by the department (which, I hope and expect, should be within a day or so), you should be able to view your grade for the course on PAWS.

Thank you once again for your kind attention in the course. Enjoy what remains of the holiday break.


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MWF 1:30 - 2:20 PM / STM 2002

CRN: 803302 (Section 61, Fall Term, 2019)
Instructor: William Buschert <>
Office / Phone: McLean Hall 126 / (306) 966-6955
Office Hours: TR 1:00 - 2:00 or by appointment

Timmons, Mark, ed. Disputed Moral Issues, 4th Edition, Oxford University Press, 2017.

Be sure to obtain the 4th edition of the Timmons text – the readings have changed fairly substantially from previous editions. (The forthcoming 5th edition apparently is not yet available in Canada.)

Textbooks are available from the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore:

Additional readings, including news stories and blog posts, may also be made available throughout the term on the course web site.


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