PHIL 236.3 — Ethics and Technology

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Ethics and Technology Forum

NB: The Comtella Discussion Forums are on hiatus for the summer.

As announced in class, the old Ethics and Technology Forum has been replaced (or, if you like, superceded) this term by the Comtella Discussion Forum. I strongly encourage students in PHIL 236 to make use of it:

Comtella Discussion Forums

Comtella is one of the main research tools of an on-going experiment conducted by PHIL 236 alumnus and M.Sc student in Computer Science, Andrew Webster, under the direction of Professor Julita Vassileva. According to Webster, "Comtella is an experiment in sustaining participation and quality levels in online forums (many-to-many communication)." I suspect that some students in PHIL 236 might find the experiment interesting in its own right. If so, I encourage you to ask questions about the experiment and to do your bit toward making it work by participating actively in the discussions.

All students should be aware that this is an experiment, however. Information about data privacy of research subjects and other concerns is included on the registration page. If you have any questions concerning the experiment, I encourage you to contact the developers.


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