PHIL 236.3 — Ethics and Technology

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Handouts & Assignments

Course Syllabus & Schedule: PHIL 236 (02, Q3, 2018) Course Syllabus [06.27.18, -- minor updates, PDF, 113 kb]
Midterm Study Questions: PHIL 236 (02) Midterm Study Questions [PDF, 112 kb.]
Term Paper Assignment: PHIL 236 (02) Term Paper Assignment [PDF, 103 kb.]
Final Exam Study Questions: Offline
Other: Editing Marks and Some Common Mistakes to Avoid [PDF, 56 kb.]
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Presentations Used in Class

Week 1 Overview and Introduction [PDF, 807 kb.]
  Technology and Philosophy: Mitcham and Nissenbaum, Shrader-Frechette [PDF, 487 kb.]
Week 2 Notes on Pojman [PDF, 123 kb.]
  Ethical Theories: Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Ross [PDF, 512 kb.]
  Ethical Theories: Rights and the Social Contract [PDF, 320 kb.]
Week 3 Notes on Jonas [PDF, 338 kb.]
  Notes on Hardin [PDF, 402 kb.]
  Notes on McGinn [PDF, 230 kb.]
  Notes on Determinism and Autonomous Technology [PDF, 273 kb.]
  Notes on Winner [PDF, 296 kb.]
Week 4 Notes on Oppenheim and Gibson [PDF, 235 kb.]
  Notes on Brunk, Haworth, and Lee [PDF, 144 kb.]
  Notes on Resnik, Heller and Eisenberg [PDF, 252 kb.]

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