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Midterm Date Change (07.05.18)

As announced in class today, the date of the midterm exam in PHIL 236 (02) has been changed from Friday, July 6 to Monday, July 9. The change will help to ensure that we have at least covered all of the ethical theory material prior to the exam.

Up from the Archives: 'Unknown Unknowns' -- The Tacoma Narrows Bridge

As mentioned in class today... (Sorry about the ads. And the old-timey newsreel music.)

Upcoming Q3 Session

The updated syllabus for the Q3 section of the course is now available under 'Notes & Assignments'. I'll be distributing hard copies in class, but I reckoned some students might want an advance look.

See you all next week.


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Time / Location:

MTWRF 11:00 - 1:30 / ARTS 101

CRN: 60950 (Section 02, Q3, 2018)
Instructor: William Buschert <>
Office / Phone: McLean Hall 126 / (306) 966-6955
Office Hours: MW 2:00 - 3:00 or by appointment

All texts that we will be reading in the course are available for download on the ‘Readings’ page (use your U of S NSID and password to access).


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