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2007 Section (01)

CUPE 1975 Job Action (11.03.07)

As announced in class last week, I do not want (and I reckon some students do not want) to cross a picket line. So, in view of the CUPE 1975 strike, it is quite likely that class will be canceled for Tuesday, November 6th. I strongly suspect that the current job action will not continue for more than a week or so. (Think of all the absolutely essential things that CUPE 1975 members do in science, agriculture and engineering departments--surely the whole place will grid to a halt within five or six days). In today's Star-Phoenix, however, a union official suggests that the strike may go on "until Christmas." I might not be willing to support the union quite that far. Which is to say, we hopefully will be back in business soon. If things start stretching on to the point that students' ability to complete the course becomes jeopardized, I will look into making other arrangements.


TV: The Trap (27.09.07)

For what's it's worth, here are some links to Adam Curtis's documentary The Trap (2007) as broadcast on the BBC. The discussion of Isaiah Berlin is in episode 3:

Episode 3, Part 1 "We Will Force You To Be Free"

Episode 3, Part 2

Episode 3, Part 3

In case you're interested, here are the two earlier episodes:

Episode 1, "F**k You Buddy"

Episode 2, "The Lonely Robot"

The documentary as a whole contains a good many exaggerations, over-simplifications and distortions, which I certainly do not endorse. Still, it is quite interesting (to me at least) and it provides some useful historical background on Berlin (and also on the assumptions of game theory and contemporary economics). Use at your own risk.

Thanks to Steve Lloyd for the pointer

Assignment #1

As announced in class the other day, on account of the day I missed due to illness, the due date for Assignment #1 has been moved back to October 11.


Classroom Move (17.09.07)

I've been informed today by Room Scheduling that we must move. Until further notice, PHIL 262 (01) will meet in Arts 103. This move is not in response to a request on my part and I'm not very happy about it, given that Arts 103 is pretty a crappy, uncomfortable room with no built-in A/V. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about this. The move was presented by Room Scheduling as a fait accompli and apparently there are no better alternatives available in that time slot.


2006 Section (02)

Room Change (01.09.06)

The results are in: Of seven messages received in response to my request for input on a potential move to Arts 103, only one stated an objection (about the uncomfortable seating, which I can certainly understand). Other responses ranged from indifference to ringing endorsements of the new room (some citing important considerations that I hadn't thought of, such as acoustics).

Accordingly, as of tomorrow, we will meet in Arts 103. Feel free to pass on the news to anyone you know in class.


Course Syllabus (01.03.06)

The syllabus and reading schedule for the course are now available on the Notes and Assignments page.

Textbooks (01.14.06)

At long last (part of) our textbook order has been received at the Bookstore. As I mentioned in class, however, the last part of the order may not be received until next week. So, if you haven't done so already, buy your copy today. Or sooner if possible.


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