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Social and Political Philosophy

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All of the following works are the property of their respective owners (as indicated in each text), they are provided here exclusively for the use of students enrolled in PHIL 262.3 at the University of Saskatchewan. They should NOT be downloaded, reproduced or used for any commercial purpose by anyone else without the permission of the original copyright owners.

Online Readings


Plato: Crito
[PDF, 459 kb.]

This is the same version of the dialogue that appears in the Stewart anthology. So if you have a copy of the anthology, you don't need it.

Note that this is a non-captured PDF scan (i.e., you will not be able to select or copy text from it). It may look weird when you open it, but it is oriented for printing, not reading on screen. According to my tests, it should print out reasonably well.

Locke: Two Treatises of Government (Second Treatise excerpts)
[PDF, 1.53 Mb.]

Once again, this is a (quite large) non-captured PDF scan. It should print out reasonably well, but you will not be able to select or copy text from it.



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