PHIL 265.3 (01)
Decision and Choice Theory

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Library Resources (U of S)


The Philosophers Index
CSA Illumina via U of S Library (access restricted to U of S users)

The best single resource for finding journal articles in philosophy. The main journals in the field are indexed back to 1940.

International Political Science Abstracts
WebSPIRS via U of S Library (access restricted to U of S users)

Citiations and abstracts of articles in political science (including political philosophy) since 1989.




Essay Writing and Documentation

Academic Honesty

University of Saskatchewan

Writing in Philosophy

Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

I draw your attention in particular to Geoffery Payzant's What Does He Want?. It may
have been written before you were born, but more things than you might imagine
haven't really changed since 1979.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper
Peter Horban, Simon Fraser University

Writing Philosophy
erraticimpact Philosophy Research Base



Department of Political Studies
Department of Philosophy
Will Buschert's Web Site

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