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Aesthetics Resources

Æ - Journal of the Canadian Society for Aesthetics

The bilingual electronic journal of the Canadian Society for Aesthetics. Updated rather sporadically, but contains some first rate articles that you may find useful in writing your essays.

American Society for Aesthetics: Aesthetics On-line

Web site of the American Society for Aesthetics. Only some content is available to non-members, but the Ideas section contains some essays that may be of interest to students in PHIL 271.

Canadian Society for Aesthetics

Web site of the Canadian Society for Aesthetics. Content is mainly related to Society business (memberships, conferences, etc.), but may be of interest to students who want to know more about the status of aesthetics in Canadian colleges and universities.


Library Resources (U of S)

The Philosophers Index
via U of S Library (access restricted to U of S users)

The best single resource for finding journal articles in philosophy. Listings relevant to aesthetics are somewhat limited, but articles from the main journals in the field are included back to 1940.

The British Journal of Aesthetics

via U of S Library Ejournals (access restricted to U of S users)

Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

via U of S Library Ejournals (access restricted to U of S users)

Artists and Artworks

This symbol [Content may be offensive or disturbing] signifies content that may be offensive and/or disturbing. Access at your own risk.

Artists, Art Works and Museums Mentioned in Freeland

Ron Athey [Content may be offensive or disturbing]

Mainly a commercial/promo site--images from Athey's performances are rather small and low-resolution. Flash Player required throughout.

Chartres, Cathedral of Notre-Dame

This site provides a nice overview of elevation views and the floor plan. For more detailed views of the portals and statuary, see Chartres, France (Mary Ann Sullivan, Bluffton University).

Judy Chicago

Web site created by Through the Flower, "a 501c3 non-profit arts organization whose mission is to create a cultural legacy built upon the vision embodied in the work of Judy Chicago through education, exhibition and preservation." Scroll to the galleries for The Dinner Party (1979).

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

The images of the artworks are quite good and quite extensive. Also of interest: The 'Frequent Questions' and 'Common Errors' pages, wherein Chirsto and Jeanne-Claude explain and address misconceptions about their work with, I think, charming ingenuousness.

Diamanda Galas

A commercial/promo site of the sort you'd expect from a rock act. Rather difficult to navigate: Start here.

Works by Francisco de Goya (1746-1828)

Goya's Caprichos
Davison Arts Center, Wesleyan University

Guerilla Girls

"Fighting discrimination with facts, humor, and fake fur."

Damien Hirst

A fan site, useful mainly for its links page

A more extensive selection of photographs of Hirst's work can be found in the Damien Hirst Archive at White Cube (FlashPlayer required).


Donny Johnson

"The official web site"

The Louvre Museum

A version of the 'virtual tour' described by Freeland starts here (Quicktime VR plugin required). Click inside any of the images displayed on the screen, then move your mouse to navigate through pictorial space; use Shift and Ctrl keys to zoom in and out. It really is pretty cool. For about ten minutes. Ultimately, however, the virtual tour becomes frustrating and disappointing, at least in my experience, since image quality degrades radically the more closely you approach what you are presumably there to see, namely, the artworks.

The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation [Content may be offensive or disturbing]

Includes information about and some works by Mapplethorpe. Of special interest (but easy to miss): The Online Exhibitions section.

Hermann Nitsch
[Content may be offensive or disturbing]

Text (mostly) in German. The 'Malerei' include photographs that portray some of the tamer aspects of Nitsch's work. Still, these are not for the squeamish. (Yes, that's real blood.)

The full flavour of a Nitsch performance can be seen in the online archives for Six-day-play in Prinzendorf (Austria), 1998 [click on "Entrance" to begin -- [origo] Galéria, Hungary].

An interesting and well-informed essay on the aims and methods of Nitsch's art: Bloody Man: The Ritual Art of Hermann Nitsch (Eugene Gorny,

Nkisi Nkondi

(from the collection of the National Museums, Liverpool)

Another nail fetish scultpure is presented here, in extraordinary detail. You'll notice that it is for sale, likely to an individual collector (as opposed to a museum or, heaven forfend, a community that might use it for its original purpose) and it is not cheap.

Georgia O'Keefe Museum

A nice site, in some ways, but mainly focused on the operation of the museum. Only a few works by O'Keefe are reproduced from the permanent collection, and those rather poorly.

By contrast Georgia O'Keefe @ CGFAZ is a much cheesier site, but it includes some good images of her less well-known iris painting from the 1920s. Some other high-quality images of her work are available at the (U.S.) National Gallery of Art web site.

[Content may be offensive or disturbing]

Andres Serrano
[Content may be offensive or disturbing]

A (rather cheesily realized) gallery presenting aparently random selections from Serrano's work. More Serrano here, including some selections from the notorious History of Sex series (1995-6).

And here is Serrano's, in my view rather blasé, explanation of why we shouldn't consider the History of Sex mere pornography: Andres Serrano: artists portrait, brief biography and art [].

Of course, Serrano's most notorious work is probably Piss Christ (1987).

Cindy Sherman: Photographer, Model, Director, Actor ...

A nicely designed fan site.

Images from the Untitled Film Stills series can be found at the MoMA exhibition site Cindy Sherman:The Complete Untitled Film Stills from 1997.

Vincent van Gough: Irises

Many other works by Van Gough can be seen at the Vincent van Gough Gallery.


For some decent photographs of the formal gardens, click on "Discovering the places," then click on "Le Parc" in the "Plan du domaine."

The Andy Warhol Museum

As usual, mainly an advertising tool for the museum. Only a very few images of Warhol's works are included. A more extensive collection of images of Warhol's paintings and silkscreens can be found at The Andy Warhol Homepage.

Students interested in the role of art market may wish to have a look at one of its more powerful players: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (click on 'authentication procedures' to get a sense of what's at stake in being able to sell an 'authentic' Warhol).

One version of Warhol's famous Brillo boxes can be found in the National Gallery of Canada.


Writing in Philosophy

Academic Honesty

University of Saskatchewan

Writing in Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

I draw your attention in particular to Geoffery Payzant's What Does He Want?. It may have been written before you were born, but more things than you might imagine haven't really changed since 1979.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Peter Horban, Simon Fraser University

Writing Philosophy

erraticimpact Philosophy Research Base



Cynthia Freeland's Web Space
University of Houston

If you dig down a few layers, you can find a useful collection of links relating to artworks mentioned in But is it art?, similar to the list above. Also on display: Freeland's interest in 'negative aesthetic' experience (horror, disgust, revulsion, etc.), in particular, excerpts from her book The Naked and the Undead (1999) and her Durian fruit experiment.

Eric Dayton's Homepage
University of Saskatchewan

Why not? There's not all that much to find here that is relevant to aesthetics, but he is, after all, the editor of our textbook.



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Department of Philosophy
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