PHIL 362.3 / 862.3
Seminar in Social & Political Philosophy:
Intergenerational Justice

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Wrapping Up (04.29.12)

All take-home exams have now been graded ans final grades submitted. (Undergrads: grades were submitted and approved yesterday and should now be viewable on PAWS; Grads: Grades were submitted this afternoon and should be approved and viewable within a day or so.)

Uncliamed term papers for undergraduates in PHIL 362 remain available for pick up in Arts 619 (during regular business hours).

Have a good summer, everyone.

Bargaining Among Overlapping Generations, Then and Now

Here's something that I think might be worth taking note of as we head up to discussions of cross-generational cooperation in the coming weeks. While not exactly a literary masterpiece, it is worth reading for its own sake as well.

"Bargaining for a Child's Love," Hendrick Hartog, New York Times, 01.15.12

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