PHIL 362.3/862.3 (02)
Topics in Political Philosophy:
Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Transnational Justice

    Announcements, Etc.

Mackinnon Reading

The problem with the llink to Catriona Mackinnon's article on the Online Readings page has now been fixed.


Schedule (03.25.08)

As discussed in class today, we will cover the Mackinnon article in class next Tuesday, April 1st (which is also, semi-coincidentally, the due date for term papers in the course). We will skip the reading from Caney. This will allow us to take Thursday as a 'reading day', allowing students to get started on preparation for the exam on April 10.


Online Readings (02.03.08)

For your convenience, I've been gradually adding readings to the Online Readings page. This is fairly time-consuming work, but most of the upcoming readings are now available. The rest will be made available within the next few days.

Note: You can log in to the Online Readings page using your NSID and your regular password. (And, no, that doesn't mean that I somehow know or have have access to your NSID password. I'm simply taking advantage of the Kerberos authentication server as it was intended to be used with NSIDs.)

Time / Location:
T/Th 11:30- 12:50 PM / Arts 217
William Buschert <>
Office / Phone :

McLean Hall Room 126 / 966-6955

Office Hours:
Wed 1:00 - 2:30 or by appointment
Required Text:

John Rawls. The Law of Peoples (Harvard University Press, 1999).*

* The paperback edition from 2001 has been ordered through the university bookstore. I recommend that you purchase this edition, since it is relatively inexpensive and so that we can easily refer to the same page numbers.

All other readings will be made available on the course web site and/or as photocopies distributed in class.

We also will be reading fairly substantial sections of the following:

Martha Nussbaum, Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership (Belknap Press, 2006)

Peter Singer, One World: The Ethics of Globalization (Yale University Press, 2002)

These titles have NOT been ordered through the Bookstore, but students are encouraged to buy their own copy of either or both of these books. Both titles are, of course, readily (and fairly cheaply) available through or Amazon.


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