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Special Topics: Philosophy of Technology

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Writing in Philosophy

Academic Honesty

University of Saskatchewan


Writing in Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto

I draw your attention in particular to Geoffery Payzant's What Does He Want?. It may have been written before you were born, but more things than you might imagine haven't really changed since 1979.


How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Peter Horban, Simon Fraser University


Writing Philosophy

erraticimpact Philosophy Research Base


Hubert Dreyfus's Homepage

Lots of recent papers available online. Of special interest in this course: Heidegger on the Connection between Nihilism, Art, Technology and Politics (PDF) and Dreyfus's well-known paper, co-authored with Charles Spinosa, Heidegger and Borgmann on How to Affirm Technology.

Besides his work in phenomenology and the philosophy of technology, Dreyfus is perhaps best-known for his critique of the representationalist research progam in artifical intelligence research. Hence the entry for Dreyfus in the Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind.


Andrew Feenberg's Homepage


Don Ihde's Homepage

Not that much available here, but I can recommend Ihde's paper Why Not Science Critics? (a version of which, I recall, was published in the mid-1990s as "Why Not Technology Critics?").


Langdon Winner's Homepage



Technological Determinism and Social Choice

Chris Kimble, University of York, UK

Technological Determinism and Social Shaping

John Hoare


Societies /Organizations

Society for Philosophy and Technology

An international scholarly society promoting work in the philosophy of technology, broadly defined. Publishes the bi-annual online journal Techné.

Centre for the Study of Technology and Society

Lots of gee-whiz reporting (often from outside sources) and occasional analysis from this self-styled independent think tank based in Washington D.C.





The brainchild of Canadian political theorists Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, CTHEORY is "an international journal of theory, technology, and culture, publishing articles, interviews, event-scenes and reviews of key books." Given the Krokers' penchant for a jargon-laden, hipper-than-thou style of theorizing, I wouldn't normally consider listing CTHEORY as a resource for this course. Recently, however, CTHEORY has begun offering no charge downloads of complete books, including reprints from Montreal's New World Perspectives press. Among these is Technology and the Canadian Mind: Innis/McLuhan/Grant -- an important work by Arthur Kroker from the days when he was still trying to make his work intelligible to mainstream scholars.


Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology

Digital Library and Archives, Viginia Tech

Online journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. Published since 1995, updated quarterly.


Technology and Culture

(Via U of S Library -- Authentication required)


Technology Review

A monthly glossy magazine that stresses it connection with MIT (in fact it is now a spin-off company), the Technology Review deals with "emerging technologies and their impact." Information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology are especially well-covered and there are regular features dealing with policy issues in these areas. Reporting in the Review is popular in focus, but it is in general
really quite well-done, providing an intelligent and reasonably detailed account of technical and scientific particulars. In that respect at least , Technology Review is a much better source for technology intelligence than, say, Wired or Red Herring.

Virginia Journal of Law and Technology

Freely available content dealing with a number of areas connected to technology and the law; IP issues especially.



Centre for Applied Ethics

University of British Columbia

Recently redesigned, the CAE site hosts some useful content related to research projects at the Centre. Students interested in the ethics of information technology might want to have a look at Peter Danielson's Making Pseudonymity Acceptable. The Centre also hosts a Genetics and Ethics Research Group.

Essays in the Philosophy of Technology

Frank Edler, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, Nebraska

A rather weird grab-bag of links to online essays dealing with the philosophy of technology and other more-or-less realted matters. The site has apparently not been updated since 2001 and there is not much here that one couldn't find elsewhere. Nonetheless, it is a convenient source for some online essays by Feenberg, Ferre, Brey and others.



Risk Assessment and Policy Association, Franklin Peirce Law Center

An academic journal (now defunct) dealing with risk assessment and related concerns in science and technology. A bit difficult to search: I recommend starting with the Articles and Comments by Title.

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