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New Work on the Bengal Famine of 1943 (01.21.11)

Some of you may recall that, in our first class, I mentioned how Sen's work has been greatly motivated by the experience of the Bengal famine of 1943. In fact, you have no doubt noticed, the topic has already come up a few times in The Idea of Justice (and will do again toward the end of the book). Here is a review of a new book on the famine which I found quite interesting and informative:

Joseph Lelyveld, "Did Churchill Let Them Starve?" New York Review of Books (Dec. 23, 2010) [PDF, 204 kb.]

(Apologies for the rather ugly pdf. The article is behind the NYRB paywall and they provide only limited options for printing out content.)

Classroom Move (01.07.11)

During our first meeting, we discussed the possibility of moving to a better, somewhat more seminar-friendly room. At the time, the best alternative that I had available was Arts 255, the Political Studies metting room. Due to a policy change effected just this afternoon, however, I'm now able to offer a much better alternative: The Philosophy Department Seminar Room, Arts 607. Accordingly, that's where will be meeting, effective Monday, January, 10th.

Sen: Commonwealth Club Lecture (01.08.11)

Here is Sen delivering a lecture on "The Search for Justice" (bascially an informal, non-technical discussion of themes from The Idea of Justice) to The Commonwealth Club in California earlier this year. Worth a watch especially if, like me, you find it useful to have a sense of how someone speaks when reading his or her work.

The rest of the lecture is available here.

Apropos of Our First Meeting

If you already have Sen's book in hand, it might be helpful to read through the Preface (vii-xx) and to have a look at the table of contents prior to our first meeting on January 5th. (Students who are especially interested in academic gossip and/or Randall Collins-style interaction diagrams may wish to consult Sen's copious Acknowledgments as well.)


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