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Final Grades, Essay Pick Up, and Such (06.29.08)

Unofficial grades for the course can be found here:

POLS 237 Unofficial Grades

The final grades indicated in the above file have been submitted for approval and should appear for you on PAWS within the next day or two.

Students who haven't yet picked up their graded term paper assignment may do so at my office (McLean Hall 126) this week. I'll be around most days before 1:00 PM and, briefly, after 3:30. If that's not convenient for you, feel free to contact me to make and appointment.

Have a great summer everyone.



Time / Location:
MTWRF, 11:00 - 1:20 PM / THORV 128 GEOL 261 <<< Note Change
William Buschert <will.buschert@usask.ca>
Office / Telephone:

McLean Hall Room 126 / 966-6955

Office Hours:
Tues. & Wed. 2:00 - 3:30, or by appointment

Steven M. Cahn, ed. Classics of Political and Moral Philosophy, (Oxford University Press, 2002).

Note: This has textbook has been chosen because it the collection most often used for POLS 236 and POLS 237 during the regular session. This matters, of course, in as much as students who have already taken POLS 236 likely will already own it and students who go on to take POLS 236 later will be spared the expense of buying another book.

The readings that we will be looking at have been much anthologized elsewhere, however. So students who are unable or unwilling to fork out for the Cahn anthology will likely be able to obtain the readings elsewhere. Be advised, however, that that may involve a fair bit of work and that the editions/translations that you find may not match up with the texts discussed in class. Follow this alternative at your own risk.

For the convenience of students who intend to take this cheaper (but much more time-consuming) route, I have included the original source for each reading in the reading schedule [PDF, 12 kb.].



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