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Reading Schedule Change (07.12.07)

As announced in class yesterday, we'll be skipping, with some regret on my part, the readings from Kant and Hegel. It made more sense to do this than to try to get through the rest of the material for this week in auctioneer mode. We'll pick up with Marx and Engels on Monday.


Room Change (06.27.07)

In view of the noise from all of the contruction projects surrounding the Arts teaching wing this summer (and, frankly, the lack of air conditioning), I've arranged a move. POLS 237 (Q3, 2007) will meet in Agriculture 1E85, not in Arts 103. Trust me, it's a much better room.


Syllabus and Proposed Reading Schedule (07.01.07)

Students who would like to get a head start before our first meeting on Tuesday may wish to have look at course syllabus and reading schedule now available in the Handouts & Assignments section.


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