Justice: Getting What We Are Due

 Saskatoon Seniors for Continued Learning, Winter Term, 2017

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Course Syllabus: SSCL 2017 Course Syllabus [PDF, 79 kb., 01.08.17]

Presentations Used in Class

Week 1 Overview: Some Ideas About Justice [PDF, 1,006 kb.]
Week 2 Bentham, Mill, and Utilitarianism [PDF, 297 kb.]
Week 3 Kant and Deontology [PDF, 297 kb.]
Week 4 Punishment: Utilitarianism and Deontology Compared [PDF, 300 kb.]
Week 5 Nozick, Libertarianism, and Property [PDF, 872 kb.]
Week 6 Rawls and Equality [PDF, 534 kb].
Week 7 Aristotle and Desert (Plus some summing up) [PDF, 192 kb].

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