William Buschert
University of Saskatchewan


Coordinator for Applied Ethics Programming

Department of Philosophy
University of Saskatchewan

9 Campus Drive,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5A5

Office: (306) 966-6955
Fax: (306) 966-2567
Skype: will_buschert
Twitter: @WillBuschert


Office: McLean Hall 126
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Course Web Sites:

SSCL, Winter 2017 - Justice: Getting What We Are Due

SSCL, Fall 2015 - Ethics, Technology, and the Contemporary World

PHIL 133.3 - Introduction to Ethics and Values

PHIL 222.3 - Philosophy in the Digital World
PHIL 231.3 - Ethical Problems
PHIL 235.3 - Business and Professional Ethics
  PHIL 236.3 - Ethics and Technology
  PHIL 251.3 - Philosophy of Science
  PHIL 262.3 - Social and Political Philosophy
  PHIL 265.3 - Decision and Choice Theory
  PHIL 271.3 - Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art
  PHIL 362.3 / 862.3 (2008) - Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Transnational Justice
  PHIL 362.3 / 862.3 (2010) - Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Democracy and Its Critics
  PHIL 362.3 / 862.3 (2012) - Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy: Intergenerational Justice
  PHIL 398.3 - Special Topics: Philosophy of Technology
  PHIL 420.3 / 820.3 (2011): Philosophical Texts: The Idea of Justice
  POLS 111.3 - Democracy in Canada and the United States
  POLS 112.3 - Political Ideas and Change in a Global Era
  POLS 237.3 - Modern Political Theory
  POLS 337.3 - Canadian Political Thought

University of Regina Courses


PHIL/JS 276 - Professional Ethics

  • For PHIL/JS 276 (Winter, 2017), login to URCourses
  LGC 100 - Introduction to Practical Logic

Current Events:

ASSU Talent Show

So, apparently, I'm one of the judges for the 47th Annual Arts and Science Talent Show, put on by the U of S Arts and Science Students Union. I'm honoured (and you just know I'll take my role seriously).

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Capitol Music Club
244 1st Ave North

Doors open at 7:00; the acts start at 8:00.


Live Five's B4Play Series

I'll be part of the "B4Play" discussion of themes of morality, guilt, and responsibility based on Stephen Massicotte''s play The Clockmaker, to be mounted this month in Saskatoon by Live Five.

B4Play: The Clockmaker Edition, January 10th, 2015, 2:30 PM in the Frances Morrison Library Fine Arts Gallery.


Philosophy in the Community

[Philosophy in the Community]Are you interested in philosophy? Are you in the Saskatoon area? Then you should make a point of coming out to the Philosophy in the Community Lecture and Discussion Series. There's almost always a great turnout for the talk (even at -40°!) and usually a great discussion afterwards. Damn fine cookies and coffee will be supplied.

Philosophy in the Community
Second Wednesday of the month, September through April
7:00 - 9:00 PM

The Refinery
(Emmanuel Anglican Church Basement)
609 Dufferin Avenue
at 12th Street, just off Broadway

Updated: March 20, 2015 


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