Yuting Luo

M.Sc. student

Supervisor: Dr. Ralph Deters

Department of Computer Science

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7N 5C9

Welcome to email me at yuting.luo@usask.ca

Research interests

I am currently focusing on the exploration of cooperation in Web Services. Conventionally, Web Services consumers are passive service recipients. The only role they are playing in this area is "the consumer". This wastes the consumers' potential to contribute in Web Services. Therefore, it is neccessary to provide possible opportunities to service consumers for contribution in Web Services. And their potential in this area should also be explored.


Multi-Agent Distributed Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Lab (MADMUC)

If you want to learn Web Services, here is a useful link: Web Services and SOA Programming by Sang Shin.

If you want to learn REST, read Oreilly's book "RESTful Web Services". Here is a free chapter: Chapter 4: The Resource-Oriented Architecture (PDF format)

About me

I got my Bachelor's Degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(华中科技大学), China in June, 2007. Now I am a M.Sc. student in Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan. I am working in the MADMUC lab, under the supervision of Dr. Ralph Deters.

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