Official Release Date: October 23, 1941

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1941

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 64 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Herman Bing ~ Ringmaster

            Billy Bletcher ~ Clown

            Edward Brophy ~ Timothy Q. Mouse

            Jim Carmichael ~ Crows (speaking)

            Cliff Edwards ~ Jim Crow; Crows (speaking)

            Verna Felton ~ Matriarch

            Noreen Gammill ~ Fidgity

            Hall Johnson Choir ~ Crows (singing)

            Eddie Holden ~ Clown

            Sterling Holloway ~ Mr. Stork

            Malcolm Hutton ~ Skinny

            The King’s Men ~ Roustabouts

            Harold Manley ~ Boy

            John McLeish ~ Narrator

            Tony Neil ~ Boy

            Betty Noyes ~ “Baby Mine”

            Dorothy Scott ~ Giddy

            Sarah Selby ~ Prissy

            Billy Sheets ~ Clown; Joe, The Elephant Trainer

            Charles Stubbs ~ Boy

            Margaret Wright ~ Casey Jones, Jr.




            Boys ~ Harold Manley; Tony Neil; Charles Stubbs

            Casey Jones, Jr. ~ Margaret Wright

            Clowns ~ Billy Bletcher; Eddie Holden; Billy Sheets

            Crows ~ Jim Carmichael (speaking); Cliff Edwards (speaking); Hall Johnson Choir (singing)

            Dumbo/Jumbo, Jr.

            Fat Crow

            Fidgity ~ Noreen Gammill

            Giddy ~ Dorothy Scott

            Glasses Crow

            Jim Crow ~ Cliff Edwards

            Joe, The Elephant Trainer ~ Billy Sheets

            Matriarch ~ Verna Felton

            Mr. Stork ~ Sterling Holloway

            Mrs. Jumbo

            Narrator ~ John McLeish

            Preacher Crow

            Prissy ~ Sarah Selby

            Ringmaster ~ Herman Bing

            Roustabouts ~ The King’s Men

            Skinny ~ Malcolm Hutton

            Straw Hat Crow

            Timothy Q. Mouse ~ Edward Brophy




“Baby Mine”

            Betty Noyes

“Casey Junior”

“Clown Song”

“Happy Birthday To You”

            Sterling Holloway as Mr. Stork

“Look Out For Mr. Stork”

“Pink Elephants On Parade”

“Song Of The Roustabouts”

“When I See An Elephant Fly”

            Jim Carmichael

            Cliff Edwards

            Hall Johnson Choir




1941 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Song) ~ Frank Churchill (music) & Ned Washington (lyrics) for “Baby Mine”

1941 Academy Award Winner ~ Music (Scoring Of A Musical Picture) ~ Frank Churchill & Oliver Wallace



Cast and Character names Herman Bing as Ringmaster, Edward Brophy as Timothy Mouse, Cliff Edwards as Jim Crow, Verna Felton as Matriarch, Noreen Gammill as Fidgity, Sterling Holloway as Mr. Stork, John McLeish as Narrator, Dorothy Scott as Giddy, Sarah Selby as Prissy, Billy Sheets as Clown and as Joe, The Elephant Trainer; Character name Dumbo; Song Titles Baby Mine, Clown Song, Look Out For Mr. Stork, Pink Elephants On Parade,& When I See An Elephant Fly from the Dumbo page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/2162373.html

Character name Casey, Jr. from the Dumbo page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at http://disney.go.com/disneyatoz/archives/

Cast name for Hall Johnson Choir; Cast name for Margaret Wright as Casey Jones, Jr.; Character name for Skinny; & Song Title Song Of The Roustabouts come from the Dumbo DVD Scene Titles and Audio Commentary by John Canemaker.

Character names for Fat Crow, Glasses Crow, Preacher Crow, Straw Hat Crow; (Alternate names for Giddy as Giggles, and for Fidgity as Catty provided, but waiting verification); Voice info Billy Bletcher as Clown, Malcolm Hutton as Skinny, Jim Carmichael as Crows (speaking); Cliff Edwards as Crows (speaking), Eddie Holden as Clown, The King’s Men as Roustabouts, and Harold Manley, Tony Neil, and Charles Stubbs as Boys from Encyclopedia Of A Walt Disney’s Animated Characters (Rev. Ed.) (1993) by John Grant, published by Hyperion Books (New York).





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