Fun And Fancy Free



Released: Official Release Date: September 27, 1947

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1947

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 72 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs



            Edgar Bergen ~ Himself (Edgar Bergen); Charlie McCarthy; Mortimer Snerd

            Pinto Colvig ~ Goofy

            The Dinning Sisters

            Walt Disney ~ Mickey Mouse

            Cliff Edwards ~ Jiminy Cricket

            Billy Gilbert ~ Willie The Giant

            Anita Gordon ~ Singing Harp

            The King’s Men ~ Happy Valley Vocals

            James Macdonald ~ Lumpjaw, Mickey Mouse

            Clarence Nash ~ Donald Duck

            Luana Patten ~ Herself (Luana Patten)

            Dinah Shore ~ Narrator, Bongo

            The Starlighters





            Charlie McCarthy ~ Edgar Bergen


            Donald Duck ~ Clarence Nash

            Edgar Bergen ~ Edgar Bergen (Himself)

            Goofy ~ Pinto Colvig

            Jiminy Cricket ~ Cliff Edwards

            Luana Patten ~ Luana Patten


            Lumpjaw ~ James Macdonald

            Mickey Mouse ~ Walt Disney; James Macdonald

            Mortimer Snerd ~ Edgar Bergen

            Narrator, Bongo ~ Dinah Shore

            Singing Harp ~ Anita Gordon

            Willie The Giant ~ Billy Gilbert




“Fee Fi Fo Fum”

“Fun And Fancy Free”

“I’m A Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow”

“My Favorite Dream”

“My, What A Happy Day”

Happy Valley Vocals

            The King’s Men



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