Kronk's New Groove



Direct-To-DVD Release Date: December 13, 2005
Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. (c) 2005
MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)
Length: 76 Minutes

Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Sandy Barber ~ "Be True To Your Groove" Lead Vocals; "Be True To Your Groove" Background Vocals

            Jeff Bennett ~ Additional Voice

            Bob Bergen ~ Additional Voice

            B5 ~ "Let's Groove (End Credit Version)"

            Belinda Broughton ~ Violin Soloist

            Ann Brown ~ "Feel Like A Million" Background Vocals

            Cooper Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Rachel Crane ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Brian Cummings ~ Additional Voice

            Patti Deutsch ~ Additional Voice

            Earth, Wind & Fire ~ "Let's Groove"

            John Fiedler ~ Rudy

            Jessie Flower ~ Additional Voice

            Anthony Ghannam ~ Additional Voice

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            John Goodman ~ Pacha

            Gatlin Green ~ Additional Voice

            Nicholas Harper ~ "Camp Chippamunka"

            Martha Hawley ~ "Feel Like A Million" Background Vocals

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Eartha Kitt ~ Yzma

            Eli Russell Linnetz ~ Additional Voice; "Camp Chippamunka"

            Mark Lotito ~ "Feel Like A Million" Background Vocals

            Peter Lurye ~ "Be True To Your Groove" Background Vocals

            Tress MacNeille ~ Additional Voice

            John Mahoney ~ Papi

            Wendie Malick ~ Chicha

            Zoe Merrill ~ "Camp Chippamunka"

            Madison Moore ~ "Camp Chippamunka"

            Mary Mouser ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Mark Robert Myers ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Travis Oates ~ Additional Voice

            Aaron Page ~ "Camp Chippamunka"

            Bobbi Page ~ "Camp Chippamunka"

            Phil Proctor ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Scott C. Robertson ~ "Feel Like A Million" Background Vocals

            Grace Rolek ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Leily Sanchez ~ Additional Voice

            Ross Simanteris ~ Additional Voice

            Kath Soucie ~ Additional Voice

            David Spade ~ Kuzco

            Greyson Spann ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Tracey Ullman ~ Ms. Birdwell

            Patrick Warburton ~ Kronk

            April Winchell ~ Additional Voice

            Valerie Wright ~ "Feel Like A Million" Background Vocals

            Matt Zarley ~ "Feel Like A Million" Background Vocals



            Chicha ~ Wendie Malick

            Kronk ~ Patrick Warburton

            Kuzco ~ David Spade

            Ms. Birdwell ~ Tracey Ullman

            Pacha ~ John Goodman

            Papi ~ John Mahoney

            Rudy ~ John Fiedler

            Yzma ~ Eartha Kitt




"Be True To Your Groove"

            Sandy Barber on Lead Vocals and Background Vocals

            Peter Lurye on Background Vocals

"Camp Chippamunka"

            Nicholas Harper

            Eli Russell Linnetz

            Zoe Merrill

            Madison Moore

            Aaron Page

            Bobbi Page

"Feel Like A Million"

            Ann Brown on Background Vocals

            Martha Hawley on Background Vocals

            Eartha Kitt as Yzma

            Mark Lotito on Background Vocals

            Scott C. Robertson on Background Vocals

            Valerie Wright on Background Vocals

            Matt Zarley on Background Vocals

"It's A Small World"

"Let's Groove"

            Earth, Wind & Fire

"Let's Groove (End Credit Version)"


"This Land"

Violin Soloist

            Belinda Broughton







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