The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II



Direct To Video Release Date: March 19, 2002

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2000

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 68 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs



            Jason Alexander ~ Hugo

            Newell Alexander ~ Additional Voice

            Philippe Benichou ~ Additional Voice

            Mitch Carter ~ Additional Voice

            Mary Jay Clough ~ Laverne (singing ~ “Fa La La La Fallen In Love”)

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice

            Jim Cummings ~ Archdeacon

            Wendy Cutler ~ Additional Voice

            Iake Eissinmann ~ Additional Voice

            Nicholas Guest ~ Additional Voice

            Jennifer Love Hewitt ~ Madellaine

            Bridget Hoffman ~ Additional Voice

            Tom Hulce ~ Quasimodo

            Paul Kandel ~ Clopin

            Fredrika Kasten ~ Additional Voice

            Charles Kimbrough ~ Victor

            Kevin Kline ~ Phoebus

            Joe Lala ~ Guard #1

            Luisa Leschin ~ Additional Voice

            Michael McKean ~ Sarousch

            Edie Mirman ~ Additional Voice

            Demi Moore ~ Esmerelda

            Haley Joel Osment ~ Zephyr

            Philece Sampler ~ Additional Voice

            Tara Strong ~ Additional Voice

            Frank Welker ~ Achilles; Djali

            April Winchell ~ Lady DeBurne

            Jane Withers ~ Laverne



            Achilles ~ Frank Welker

            Archdeacon ~ Jim Cummings

            Clopin ~ Paul Kandel

            Djali ~ Frank Welker

            Esmerelda ~ Demi Moore

            Guard #1 ~ Joe Lala

            Hugo ~ Jason Alexander

            Lady DeBurne ~ April Winchell

            Laverne ~ Mary Jay Clough (singing ~ “Fa La La La Fallen In Love”); Jane Withers

            Madellaine ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt

            Phoebus ~ Kevin Kline

            Quasimodo ~ Tom Hulce

            Sarousch ~ Michael McKean

            Victor ~ Charles Kimbrough

            Zephyr ~ Haley Joel Osment



“Fa La La La Fallen In Love”

            Jason Alexander as Hugo

            Mary Jay Clough as Laverne

            Charles Kimbrough as Victor

“I’d Stick With You”

            Tom Hulce as Quasimodo

            Haley Joel Osment as Zephyr

“I’m Gonna Love You (Madellaine’s Love Song)”

            Jennifer Love Hewitt as Madellaine

“Le Jour D’Amour”

            Jason Alexander as Hugo

            Tom Hulce as Quasimodo

            Paul Kandel as Clopin

            Charles Kimbrough as Victor

            Jane Withers as Laverne

“An Ordinary Miracle”

            Tom Hulce as Quasimodo





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