The Proud Family Movie


Original Television Broadcast Date: August 19, 2005

DVD Release Date (with Extended Alternate Ending):  December 6, 2005

Copyright:  Disney Enterprises, Inc. (c) 2005

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated

Length:  91 Minutes

Length (with Extended Alternate Ending): 94 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Carlos Alazraqui ~ Board Member; Puff

            Kurt "Big Boy" Alexander ~ Big Boy (Himself)

            Patricia Belcher ~ Miss Hightower

            Orlando Brown ~ Sticky Webb

            Maria Canals ~ Newscaster Peanut; Sunset Boulevardez

            Keith David ~ Bebe Proud (clone)

            Tommy Davidson ~ Oscar Proud

            Soleil Moon Frye ~ Zoey

            Omarion Grandberry ~ 15 Cent (as Omari Grandberry)

            Alvaro Guttierez ~ Papi

            Arsenio Hall ~ Bobby Proud; Dr. Marcus Garvey Carver II

            Michele Lisette Jennings ~ Board Member; T.V. Show Peanut

            Phil LaMarr ~ Board Member; Dr. Marcus Garvey Carver II (in disguise)

            Raquel Lee ~ Nubia Gross

            Lisaraye McCoy ~ Choreographer

            Carlos Mencia ~ Felix Boulevardez

            Christian Mills ~ Attorney; Hot Dog Vendor

            Masi Oka ~ Announcer; Japanese Kid

            Paula Jai Parker ~ Trudy Proud

            Jo Marie Payton ~ Suga Mama

            Kyla Pratt ~ Penny Proud

            Alisa Reyes ~ LaCienega Boulevardez

            Tara Strong ~ Bebe Proud; Cashew; Cece Proud

            Aries Spears ~ Board Member; Wizard Kelly

            Jeremy Suarez ~ Wally

            Billy West ~ Board Member; Cab Driver

            Karen Malina White ~ Dijonay Jones



            Announcer ~ Masi Oka

            Attorney ~ Christian Mills

            Bebe Proud ~ Keith David (clone); Tara Strong

            Big Boy ~ Kurt "Big Boy" Alexander (Himself)

            Board Members ~ Carlos Alazraqui; Michele Lisette Jennings; Phil LaMarr; Aries Spears; Billy West

            Bobby Proud ~ Arsenio Hall

            Bobo ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            Cab Driver ~ Billy West

            Cashew ~ Tara Strong

            Cece Proud ~ Tara Strong

            Choreographer ~ Lisaraye McCoy

            Dijonay Jones ~ Karen Malina White

            Dr. Marcus Garvey Carver II ~ Arsenio Hall; Phil LaMarr (in disguise)

            Felix Boulevardez ~ Carlos Mencia

            15 Cent ~ Omarion Grandberry (as Omari Grandberry)

            Gina Gross


            Hot Dog Vendor ~ Christian Mills

            Japanese Kid ~ Masi Oka

            LaCienega Boulevardez ~ Alisa Reyes

            Mayhem The Mangler ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            Miss Hightower ~ Patricia Belcher

            Narrator ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            Newscaster Peanut ~ Maria Canals

            Nubia Gross ~ Raquel Lee

            Olay Gross

            Oscar Proud ~ Tommy Davidson

            Papi ~ Alvaro Guttierez

            Penny Proud ~ Kyla Pratt

            Puff ~ Carlos Alazraqui

            Sticky Webb ~ Orlando Brown

            Suga Mama ~ Jo Marie Payton

            Sunset Boulevardez ~ Maria Canals

            Trudy Proud ~ Paula Jai Parker

            T.V. Show Peanut ~ Michele Lisette Jennings

            Wally ~ Jeremy Suarez

            Wizard Kelly ~ Aries Spears

            Zoey ~ Soleil Moon Frye




"Blowin' Up The Spot"

"Boom Boom Boom"

"If I Ruled The World"

"Looking For The Perfect Beat"

"Right Here"

"Together Makes It Better"







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