Bangladeshi by birth, Citizen of the World by passion. Enthusiastic about Education, Research, Gaming and Sports. Hard worker, intense listener, friendly.

I am doing research under the supervision of Prof. Amin Elshorbagy in NSERC FloodNet project. My research is focused on building watershed model to simulate floods and their extent in various watershed across Canada. This research has major emphasis on the challenging Prairie watersheds. Unique prairie features i.e. snow & snowmelt dominated runoff events, less contribution from groundwater, high streamflow variability, blowing snow – spatial variability, high ET rate in summer, and flat topography with small depressions pose challange for hydrological model development. Major components of this research are-

- Quantifying the impacts of flood on various watershed as well as water resources system
- Probabilistic flood risk maps under current conditions

I am working as a research team member in Centre for Advanced Numerical Simulation (CANSIM) in the Department of Civil & Geological Engineering. Personally I am a very simple human being, who loves to play video games. I have a wonderful family & a lot of friends. If you need my help or need something to ask me, please mail me or call me. I'll do what ever I can.